Dr. Tobias Neuhann

AaM Augenklinik Muenchen Am Marienplatz

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AaM Augenklinik Muenchen Am Marienplatz
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Ophthalmologist at the AaM Augenklinik Marienplatz, a private practice clinic and medical supply center to an academic hospital in Germany. Dr. Neuhann has expertise in refractive surgery, presbyopic surgery including the new intracorneal lenses, implantable contact lens, phakic refractive lens, verisyse implants, intacs, toric IOLs, clear lens extraction, cataract, glaucoma, photodynamic therapy, the different types keratoplastyincluding Femto assisted keratoplasty; DMEK, DSEK, DALK and pKP, strabismus surgery, and laser scanning diagnostics with the HD Spectralis and Zeiss stratus OCT, the HRA from Heidelberger, and GdX. Recently, he started to work with different companies on a femtolaser assisted cataract surgery. He also implants the new light adjustable lens from Calhoun vision and uses the new anti-glaucomatous device iStent and Express. Spezialgebiete: Cornea: Femto perf.keratoplasty, DMEK, Femto DALK, crosslinking Cataract: Femto assisted phaco, premium IOL, light adjustable lens Glaucoma: laser treatment, iStent, Express Retina. wet and dry AMD,pucker peeling Strabismus surgery Refractive surgery: LVC, phakic toric IOL Diagnostic: high tech non-contact examination