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I'm a Spaniard born in England 54 years ago. I was educated following the norms and rules of La République in a French school and I studied medicine in Madrid. My wife is Dutch and we live in Valencia a sunny Mediterranean city in Spain.

I had the privilege to gain access in ophthalmology training with my mentor, Professor Gonzalez Tomas, an exceptional surgeon and an excellent person. In 1992 I finished Ophthalmology with EEC proficiency and then I initiated an autodidact learning in phaco. I tried to visualize oak and pine trees with Paul Koch book, went to see Gimbel, Pameyer, Crozafon, Rementería and read all the phaco papers and books I had at hand.

My work is a reflection of many doctors in Europe a mix of private and public practice. My public hospital is a beautiful 100 year old building on the seafront. My private practice is in Clinica Baviera, now part of AIER, China's Largest Eye Doctor Chain. My professional interest is related to cataract and lens surgery and my main areas of development are phaco techniques, efficiency, quality, ergonomics and recently climate change and team management. My personal Co2 footprint is 17 tonnes x year, my professional footprint is close to 360 tonnes x year.

I enjoy landscaping and gardening with my wife. Soon I will plant tomatoes, we do it close to Fallas, it's an old and folkloric Spanish Fiesta with fireworks shows, musical parades and the last day we burn big paper and wood monuments. 

Thanks for this fantastic forum, every day I get fresh news, discovering, learning and sharing all the day with a simple click!

I hope I could contribute to the management of the problems discussed here from my practice in Spain

My best wishes from Spain
Marcos Gómez